Spreading more than Lekkco. What’s in a name?

At Lekkco, we believe in spreading things literally and figurately. As a company we have a great team of passionate people who love what they do. We are lucky to have them. We know that we bring smiles to people with one spoonful of our spread. We believe chocolate makes people happier and makes them feel good. We plan to return the favor by spreading good ourselves.

We have two initiatives that we stand behind, to make people feel good and to pay it forward. With our “Lekkco Spreads” campaign it’s simple, we spread good things like words of inspiration, encouragement, motivation, positivity and overall good vibes through storytelling.

Our other initiative is to share the story of our brand. Did you know the font we use at Lekkco is really something special?

The Lekkco brand name font is a variation of the dyslexie font. Do you know 1 in 5 people have some form of dyslexia? That’s 15%-20% of the school-age population. 70-80% of people with poor reading skills are likely dyslexic. The dyslexie font makes it easier for dyslexic individuals to read. Why is this important to us? Read on.

Image if you had a hard time reading or couldn't read at all. How would your life be different? Image if you were from a family that couldn't afford a diagnosis or therapy to learn the strategies necessary to read and learn. Learning disabilities likes dyslexia have been linked to poor education, low self-esteem, social and emotional problems.

Dyslexia, and the fight for awareness, is personal to us at Lekkco. Our daughter was diagnosed in 3rd grade after having challenges in math, reading and with her writing. Her self-esteem and confidence were affected along with the struggles to learn. Her dyslexia will never go away. She has had to re-learn how to read, write and uses specific strategies to comprehend letters, numbers and symbols (think music notes) just get through her school day. Now she is a thriving 8th grader. She has daily struggles with learning and homework but has learned how to apply her strategies, advocate for herself and also help other kids who have dyslexia.

Our mission is simple, spreading good literally and figuratively. We hope we were able to inspire you to spread the good with what’s important to you. Pay it forward, help others. Sharing is caring.


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