1. Where is Lekkco  made?

Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate is an exclusive recipe that is made in Belgium with the finest ingredients then imported to the U.S.


2. If Lekkco is nut-free, then why does the back label say “may contain traces of tree-nuts”?

The label is noted might contain traces of milk and tree nuts (hazelnut) due to processing on shared equipment. Our recipe does not contain nuts.


3. If Lekkco is vegan, then why does the back label say “may contain traces of milk”?

The Lekkco recipe is Vegan. The label is noted might contain traces of milk due to processing on shared equipment. There is no dairy in our Lekkco recipe.


4. Does Lekkco need to be refrigerated and how long is it good for?

No refrigeration necessary.  Lekkco™ is shelf stable, it’s recommended not to refrigerate and is good for 15 months from the manufacture date.


5. What is glucose syrup and invert sugar syrup?

Glucose and inverted sugar syrup is a tailor made sugar syrup made with beet sugar and water.  Beet sugar is specifically grown in western Europe. The sugars are syrups versus granular to keep Lekkco spreadable and smooth, not gritty.


6. About our Palm Oil

The palm oil in Lekkco is certified as a sustainable palm oil. Palm oil is one of the healthier vegetable oils due to the fact that it contains 50% saturated fats as well as 50% non-saturated fats.  Our body needs both and with palm oil, you get both. A key element with palm oil as an ingredient is that it keeps its texture up to temperatures of 26 to 28 degrees Celsius (79-82 degrees Fahrenheit). This is what makes Lekkco spreadable.



7. Is Lekkco™ Environmentally Friendly?

Lekkco strives to get as close as we can to zero waste model.  Our PET jars are 100% recyclable.


Carbon Neutral Footprint:

Lekkco is produced in a brand new - state of the art facility. In the construction of the new plant, there was a great emphasis on selecting energy saving methods:

  • Modern wall and roof isolation materials and techniques, resulting in no need for heating off the plant during winter - colder months, as the heat released during the production process suffices to warm the entire plant.

  • Double sided isolation for all pipes, using a hot water heating instead of an electric process.

  • High efficiency cool chambers to stable the product post manufacturing

  • The electric grid to support the production processes, is designed around the “slow start process” principle. This means that the different production processes cannot be start up all at once - as this would cause too high of a PEAK usage. Instead, there is a well-timed sequence designed, allowing for a low peak consumption start up.


Chocolate is still people’s favorite, healthy indulgence. Lekkco is a premium dark chocolate spread, using real Belgian chocolate and all-natural ingredients. Our 50-year old exclusive recipe blends the highest quality Belgian dark chocolate, cocoa powder, beet sugar, vanillin, sustainably sourced palm oil, coconut and rapeseed oils to make our delicious chocolate spread.


Lekkco is a product of Belgium created and distributed by Lekkco. Made in a facility where tree nuts (hazelnut, almond) may be present.

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