We’re just not a business, we’re a family.  That’s why who we are and what we stand for is important.

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Female co-founded and family-owned, the spread is inspired by Lekkco co-founder Bram Bourgeois' Belgian upbringing and regular visits there with partner Jennifer and their two daughters.


We absolutely love the tradition of chocolate for breakfast in Belgium, we had to bring to life here in the U.S.  While the traditional way to enjoy our dark chocolate, spread is on a slice of bread, tasty croissant or baguette, it's an amazing addition to toast with fruit, waffles, pancakes, rice cakes, oatmeal, and on-trend charcuterie trays.  The name Lekkco refers to the Flemish (Dutch) word "Lekker," which means "something delicious."


Our mission is purpose driven by spreading the love.




At LEKKCO we believe in spreading things literally and figuratively.  As a company we have a great team of passionate people who love what they do.  We know we bring smiles to people with one spoonful of our spread.  We believe chocolate makes people happier and makes them feel good.  We return the favor by spreading good ourselves.  We’re all in this world together, why not contribute how you can. We have three principles that we embrace at LEKKCO; Social Cause, Support, Opportunity.





Dyslexia, and the fight for awareness and educational support, is personal to us at LEKKCO™.  The co-founder’s daughter was diagnosed in 3rd grade with dyslexia and this experience has exposed the lack of understanding and educational support that effects so many school-aged children.  One in 5 people have some form of dyslexia.  That’s 10%-20% of the school-age and working population.


The LEKKCO™ brand name font is a variation of the dyslexia font.  The dyslexie font make it easier for a dyslexic individual to read. Learning disabilities like dyslexia are linked to poor education, low self-esteem, social and emotional problems if goes undiagnosed and supported at home and in school.



In October 2021, LEKKCO™ formed a partnership with IDA who are active in 44 branches in the U.S.   This partnership is evergreen, with a mission to drive awareness, understanding, educational support and fundraising for the dyslexic community.




We love supporting organizations that care for others.  LEKKCO™ launched our fundraising arm, Chocolate4Charity. This program creates a winning opportunity to raise funds for various causes that we and our customers care about.


Through the proceeds from the Chocolate4Charity fundraising program, organizations receive 33% of every product purchase made by their supporters, and 100% of all “add on” amounts that may be chosen at check-out.




LEKKCO™ employs student interns through a local Chicago suburban college, College of DuPage and at DePaul University in the specific fields of marketing, social media, moving images and culinary.  LEKKCO™ offers real world work experience and collaboration with our interns to provide the opportunity to help mold and influence the growth of the LEKKCO™ brand.


The Mom Project.  A local company with national impact whose mission is to give opportunities to women who have paused or left the workforce to focus on family.  We proudly employ personnel through The Mom Project.


LEKKCO™ understands “we’re all in this together” and collaboration, feedback, and ideation matter as a team. LEKKCO™ actively strengthen our voice in our relevant communities, collaborating on inspiring content and storytelling that supports our core values with key opinion leaders and influencers.